Why were the colors standardized in the CorpU platform?

The primary focus of the Marth 29th release focused on accessibility improvements to our platform that updated the standardized colors used throughout the CorpU platform. Our platform has now moved to a standardized blue color theme, which will assist our organization in meeting WCAG compliance for contrast. CorpU also is working to change button and hyperlink colors to meet AA compliance. Below are common questions related to the recent color changes and why these changes were made:

Q:  Are there additional color options (still WCAG compliant) we can explore beyond the blue for our CorpU site?

A:  There aren’t currently any available color options to explore at this time as this a systematic approach to using WCAG coloration while solving accessibility issues across all CorpU clients.

Q:  What is the likelihood of the blue changing in CorpU to another color in the future? Either resulting from a CorpU decision or an accessibility compliance one?

A:  There are no plans to change the default CorpU blue color theme in the future. However, there are several shades of blue used throughout the platform that we will continue to analyze and update accordingly based on WCAG compliance and CorpU design standard best practices in the future. We are not planning to add colors based on our existing roadmap. Our primary commitment for 2021 is to reach full WCAG compliance for all users. CorpU understands the value of providing theming options for a site and is researching potential options to allow for more color options in the future, including light & dark themes that inherit user device settings (if your phone or laptop is set to dark mode, our platform would then show you the dark mode). Color settings can also affect users with light sensitivities, not just those with color blindness. At the present time, this work is not currently planned for a future release, but we will keep you updated on our roadmap as future items are prioritized for development.

Q:  How was the color change in the CorpU platform to blue determined from an accessibility standpoint?

A:  The blue color was selected because it represents the CorpU brand family of colors and was the optimized color to use for contrast with respect to WCAG compliance. The blue color was the optimal choice from our style guide that we could apply to all client sites while ensuring accessibility for all users.

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