October 2020 Release Notes: Course Splash Pages

Splash Pages

Designed with zero distractions and carefully chosen information that motivates and guides visitors to enroll in a course.


It goes without saying that you're going to put a lot of effort into your course material and the lessons themselves. You'll fill your course with great information, tons of images, and other rich media. But nobody is going to see all your hard work if they never get past your course splash page. The splash page is the place where you can convince and motivate people that your course is amazing, and they should enroll!

Splash Pages present essential pieces of information that help site visitors understand what your course is all about. In this sense, it provides a clear message, a purpose, radiates the expert faculty authority and (social) proof of its results.

This article shares the purpose of a splash page, how to begin building your first splash page, and why every course needs to have one in order to create a system that helps you drive course enrollments and grow the adoption of your learning and development initiatives.

What is a splash page?

A splash page is a page that is designed with no distractions so that it converts visitors into an enrolled cohort member. To do this, it presents specific and carefully chosen information that encourages visitors to enroll in a course. Which means no links to all your other courses, blogs, external pages, etc. Instead, you focus your efforts marketing a single course and the enrollment action you wish your visitors to take. The purpose of this page is to be the focusing point of your marketing campaigns and is the last step before your visitors turn into an enrolled cohort participant.

What does a splash page do?

A splash page is designed to serve the Call-to-Action buttons that guide action throughout the page. The splash page guides the way of the visitors from attracting their interest to making them an enrolled cohort member.

  • Increase course enrollments
  • Grow the adoption of new programs
  • Improve your ROI
  • Convert a higher percentage of your visitors into course participants
  • Helps to make the first step of establishing a relationship with your members

Each component on the splash page has a dedicated role. Behind the scenes, a splash page works like this:

Step 1: A visitor navigates to a splash page that prompts them to enroll in a course.

Step 2: The person clicks the Enroll Now button to quickly and easily enroll in a course.

Step 3: The information about the person is captured and stored in your cohort roster.

Step 4: The person is notified to begin the course when the cohort is ready to begin.

How to Build a Splash Page

To get started, go to Admin Tools, navigate to Courses and choose a course. After selecting a course, navigate to the Splash Page menu option

Click Enable Splash Page to build a splash page for the course you selected.

Set the Privacy Setting for the splash page.

There are 3 privacy options available:

  • 1.     Public – No sign-in is required to access
    • *Note - You must first enable this option from Site Settings if you would like to enable this privacy setting option.
  • 2.     Site – Anyone who can log into the site can access
  • 3.     Community – Anyone who can log into the site and is a member of the associated community can access

Create a Tagline for your course. This information will appear below the course title.

Set the Duration of the course.

*Note - This information will be used to provide filtering options when catalog capabilities are released in a future update.

Add important information about the course to the About This Course section.

Add Additional Course Information if there are additional details about the course that you would like to call out into a new and dedicated section of the splash page. Think of this as your own custom block that you can freely design as you wish.

Upload a Partner Logo and Thumbnail graphic that best represents your course.

Upload a Promotional Video and Sample Lecture to highlight your course and motivate visitors to enroll.

There are 3 options available to add a video to a splash page:

  • 1.     CorpU – Upload a video directly from your device to CorpU
  • 2.     YouTube – Insert the URL to the video
  • 3.     Bits on the Run – Insert a video code using JW Player

Add the Expert Faculty members you would like to highlight. You can add their full name, upload a photo, and title.

Add distinct Features about your course to make it stand out and accentuate the uniqueness of your course.

Add Participant Quotes to share the impact and social proof of the results from the course.

*Participants quotes can be manually curated from NPS comments and the High-Impact Learning Dashboard available in CorpU.

Add details to the What You Will Learn section to call out important bits of information participants will learn from the course.

Add FAQs about the course to answer common questions.

View your completed splash page by navigating to the URL provided or clicking the launch icon.

Splash Page Components

Mapping of all components and where they appear in the participants' view.

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