Benchmarks provide a real advantage for you and your organization  The data we have collected over the years provides a competitive advantage, as we are able to truly compare apples to apples in our courses.  A Learning Leader may be satisfied to hear they had 55% completion of an assigned course, but when they find out that it is far below the typical 70%, they have real motivation to act on it.

Why do we calculate Benchmarks?
Benchmarks provide a standard to which you can compare results on the High-Impact Learning Dashboard across organizations and courses.  This is powerful as it addresses questions such as “I get that our score is 68, but what does that mean?”  With Benchmarks, you can address those questions much better than in the past.
What’s more, our Benchmarks are dynamic and updated once per week to reflect the most recent and most accurate information. Your benchmark score will be the average score for each of the High-Impact Learning Measurements (Engagement, Advocacy, and Understanding). CorpU Benchmarks leverage data that other companies do not have and add a great deal of value and represent a standard of comparison unrivaled in the industry.
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