High-Impact Learning Dashboard

The High-Impact Learning Dashboard contains early indicators such as Engagement, Advocacy, Understanding, Commitment, and Barriers and begins to populate as participants complete activities in the course. This dashboard combines both quantitative data (captured through a feedback survey) and qualitative data (entered by the participant) through human-verified algorithms rooted in data science and is available to customer project teams in real-time to assess how participants are engaging with the material. The dashboard provides statistically valid insights beyond completion rates, allows the ability to predict business outcomes based on metrics [below], and introduces transformative analytics that transcends industry norms. Cohort success at course-level is analyzed through the following:

  • Engagement: Completion rates, plus discussion type, quality, and quantity
  • Advocacy: NPS promotor score and value combined
  • Understanding: Self-reports combined with advanced statistical text analysis on discussion posts
  • Barriers: Obstacles to implementation revealed by the survey instrument
  • Commitment: Survey and automated text analysis with prescribed follow-up in the future

All measures are compared to those against the CorpU course benchmark standards.

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