July 2020 Release Notes: Analytics and Benchmarks

Set Analytics Permissions for Moderators

Grant moderators permissions to access Analytics

Administrators can now grant Moderators permission to access CorpU Analytics. This is a great way to provide Moderators with the ability to monitor the performance of courses they are supporting and also provide valuable insights to learn how to improve the quality of the cohort experience for participants.

Follow these steps to grant Moderators permission to Analytics:

  • Navigate to Admin Tools
  • Select a course
  • Select a cohort
  • Under cohort settings, select the Admins menu option
  • Search and select a member to be an admin and assign them the Moderator permission

  • The member you assigned the Moderator admin permission will now be able to access Analytics from their top navigation menu or directly within the course:

Updated Benchmarks

Now updated weekly to reflect the most recent and most accurate information

Benchmarks provide a standard to which you can compare your results across organizations and courses. This is powerful as it addresses questions such as “I get that our score is 68, but what does that mean?”  With Benchmarks, you can address those questions much better than in the past. What’s more, our Benchmarks are dynamic, and now constantly updating every week to reflect the most recent and most accurate information.  Benchmarks lever data that other companies do not have and add a great deal of value and represent a standard of comparison unrivaled in the industry.

Learn more about CorpU Analytics

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