Does CorpU Support SCORM or AICC Content?

CorpU does not currently support SCORM or AICC at this time. SCORM/AICC is an interoperability standard for self-paced training (i.e. learning alone). CorpU is an organizational learning system that focuses on bringing people together to learn in a cohort-based environment, which is why the SCORM/AICC standard does not align with the guiding principles of our learning design methodology.

CorpU does provide capabilities that allow Administrators to easily build and deliver rich and engaging course experiences. Participants will experience an inviting design and unique pacing of course activities that guide participants into collaborative work and moves them at a quick pace – from video presentations and reading materials to discussions and practice. Additionally, Administrators have the ability to easily embed third-party or custom content (e.g. SCORM/AICC) via IFRAME or direct links into a course activity. If custom content is being embedded into CorpU, you must first export all content for web use only (e.g. HTML5) from your content authoring tool and upload course files to a secured server (https) that is managed and hosted by your organization and embed into CorpU via IFRAME or a direct link. When embedding content, it’s important to consider the participant experience from both desktop and mobile perspectives as many authoring tools will force a content author to choose to optimize their content for either a desktop or mobile experience.

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