May 2020 Release Notes: Video Improvements

Align video in a course activity

Easily position a video above or below the activity description text in a course activity

Course builders can now easily align the positioning of a video to be above or below the description text within a course activity. When adding a video activity to your course design, you will see a new " Align video above description text" option that will allow you to position a video above the course activity description text.

Preview launch letters

Announce the launch of a course to participants

Administrators can now easily design and preview their cohort launch letters. To preview your launch letter, simply click the ' Preview' button to see exactly what your participants will see when you send your launch letter.

Additional improvements to the launch letter include:
  • Ability to add additional email addresses to include when ending a launch letter
  • Easily edit and modify the launch letter subject line
  • Use formatting options to add images to your email and modify the design and layout of your email communication

Bug Fixes

Latest updates, tweaks, and fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented sponsors from being able to view the High-Impact Learning Dashboard
  • Fixed a Safari browser issue that prevented members from uploading a video
  • Fixed an issue that caused YouTube videos to autoplay when used within a course activity
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