March 2020 Release Notes: User Home, Course Splash Page, Self-Enrollment


Get to where you need to go


Welcome to your new home!

Corp/U’s latest update provides you with a new homepage that is the first thing you will see when you log in. On this page, you can easily find everything that you need to do right away. From jumping back into a course, locating a new resource that has been shared with your community, or attending a live event. Your home will be the starting place from which quickly navigate to all the things that matter most. You also have access to a new Help Center that provides tools, tips, and resources to ensure you are supported throughout your journey in Corp/U.

How are the tiles ordered on the user's home?

The member's home will sort tiles based on the following rules:
  1. Live Events will always appear first in the To Do list and will appear 24 hours in advance when a live event is scheduled to happen. Since these events are important, they will always appear first in the list so it's easy to find and jump into a scheduled event.
  2. Pings will be listed next since they are sent by administrators within a community of practice and ask for members' prompt response to a survey question. 
  3. Paced courses will be listed next and will be sorted based on which cohorts are ending first.
  4. Self-paced courses will be listed after paced courses and sorted based on the start date of course.
  5. Resources shared within a community of practice will be listed last and will remain within the To Do list for 5 days to allow members to view and discuss any new content that is published.


Share and promote courses

Administrators now have the ability to enable a new course splash page that can be used to generate a link that can be shared to promote a course and allow participants to enroll in the course.

Splash pages can be enabled by following these steps:
  1. Navigate to Admin Tools
  2. Click the Courses option from the left navigation menu
  3. Select a course
  4. Click the Splash Page sub-navigation option

Use Cases

  1. Streamline Learning Management System (LMS) Workflow - For companies that are using an LMS for Corp/U course enrollment, administrators must currently synchronize cohorts between Corp/U and the LMS. By moving enrollment to Corp/U, the Corp/U course in the LMS catalog can simply be a link to the course in Corp/U, eliminating the need to manage the cohorts in both places.
  2. Learning Experience Provider (LXP) Integration - For companies that want to expose their Corp/U courses within their LXP, they can simply link to the course splash page in Corp/U and let participants learn more about the course and potentially register.
  3. Easier Enrollment for Nominated Cohorts - Even cohorts that require participants to be nominated into them can benefit from Corp/U self-enrollment. Cohort sponsors can now send the course link out to a group of nominated learners and let them pick the cohort start date that works for them.


Easily enroll in any course

CorpU now provides the ability for participants to self-enroll into a course. Self-enrollment is the process whereby members in Corp/U can choose to enroll themselves into a course by simply clicking “Enroll Now” on any course where self-enrollment was enabled by a course administrator.

Splash pages can be enabled by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Admin Tools
  • Click the Courses option from the left navigation menu
  • Select a course
  • Select a cohort
  • Under the General configuration page, you will see a new Self Enrollment section where you can choose to enable self-enrollment for a specific cohort.


  • Reduce administrative burden managing cohorts
  • Improve the ability to promote a course
  • Automated process to nominate members into a cohort


  1. Participants must have an account in Corp/U and must be logged in to self-enroll in a cohort or see the course splash page.
  2. Course splash pages are “unlisted”. There is currently not a catalog feature in Corp/U to allow participants to search and browse for courses. This capability is coming soon!
  3. Both “preview” and “live” cohorts will display within the course splash page, allowing administrators the ability to promote cohorts that may not go “live”.

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