January 2020 Release Notes: Video Improvements

Speed Up or Slow Down Videos with Variable Playback Speed Options

Corp/U Video now provides better options for participants to slow down or speed up the playback rate of a video, allowing the ability to catch the finer details and consume content faster than ever.


The Corp/U Video player lets you change the playback speed of your video while watching it, so you can speed through a long video, or review a scene in slow motion. This option is available by default for all videos uploaded to Corp/U.

You can increase the speed up to 2x, or slow the video down to 0.5x. To return to normal speed select 1x.

To change the speed of your video during playback:
  • Select the ‘gear’ icon from the player toolbar
  • Click the ‘speed’ icon
  • Select the speed at which you wish to view the video
Under the speed menu, you can select different values for playback speed:

0.5x -  0.5 times slower than normal speed
0.75x - 0.75 times slower than normal speed
1x - Normal, default speed
1.25x - 1.25 times faster than normal speed
1.5x - 1.5 times faster than normal speed
2x - 2 times faster than normal speed

Note: Both video and audio will be adjusted for all speed preferences.

Speed can be adjusted at any time before and during playback. You can modify the playback speed by clicking the gear icon in the player


  • Updated the High-Impact Learning Outcome and NPS measurement settings to be enabled by default for any new course version that is created
  • Added a new HILO Enabled indicator to cohort listing pages in Admin Tools
  • Fixed auto-assigning a member to a root community when a member is enrolled in a cohort
  • Updated the email sent to a moderator from a participant to now include a link back to the activity from where the email was sent
  • Improved the performance of the ‘Total Items’ metric on the Community Utilization dashboard 
  • Updated community digest and discussion emails to include the standard email header (e.g. site logo)
  • Fixed cohort discussion videos not rendering the correct video player
  • Updated the term ‘lessons’ to ‘activities’ within the course player menu
  • Updated the terms ‘Course Status’ to ‘Filter by’ and ‘Completed’ to ‘Ended’ on the My Courses page


Upcoming Course Builder Updates

In order to make it easier for leaders' to measure the impact of their leadership development programs , Corp/U will be making updates to Course Builder on February 03. 2020 that will enable by default the NPS and High Impact Learning Measurements that surface insights such as Engagement, Advocacy, Understanding, Commitment, and Barriers to the High-Impact Learning Dashboard. This dashboard is used by many leaders to see how their leaders are developing, what they believe and the impact their leaders are making on their organization.

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