December 2020 Release Notes: Archiving, New Admin UI, Video Sharing

Corp/U is proud to introduce


A quick and easy way for administrators to better manage and organize old courses, communities, and videos that are no longer needed


Corp/U's latest update will provide administrators with the ability to archive courses, communities, and videos that are no longer needed. These items can be archived by accessing Admin Tools and navigating to the Settings page where the status can be set to Active, Discontinued, Archived, or Trash.

You can always restore a course that has been archived, so don't be afraid to get started and do a little organizing of old items you no longer wish to view or include in dashboards.


We are also proud to announce the official launch of our new admin interface that is more modern, mobile, and easier to navigate. This new interface provides administrators with the following capabilities:

  • Redesigned icon-based navigation that improves navigation between all admin functions
  • Enhanced mobile support
  • Improved on-screen warning notifications
  • Drag and drop course builder interface


Corp/U now makes it easier than ever to share videos with others outside of the platform. This is helpful when wanting to get feedback on a video before including in your course design or sharing an impactful video with others who may not have an account in Corp/U.

You can enable sharing of a video from Admin Tools by navigating to Videos, selecting the details of the video you wish to share and finally enabling sharing from the Share menu. A link will be automatically generated for you that you can copy and share with others to view.


The My Courses listing has also been expanded and improved. Participants will now see all courses for which they are registered, whether the course is currently running or will be starting in the future. If the course has not yet been launched, the course title will be included in the list but the participant will not be able to enter the course. This view of all registered courses will be immensely beneficial to participants who want to check everything they have signed up for and plan ahead for the future.


Upcoming Video Player Updates

Corp/U will be making updates to the video player on January 13, 2020, that will include no longer supporting the RTMP streaming option when adding a video to content or within a course activity. This is due to Flash no longer being supported by Adobe at the end of 2020. This release will also include updates to how Youtube videos are embedded into Corp/U based on recent changes by Youtube. It's possible any videos that are embedded from Youtube into Corp/U may contain advertisements from content creators. We recommend reviewing and testing Youtube videos that are embedded in Corp/U after the January 13th product update to ensure Youtube videos play properly within your corporate environment.

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