Technology Overview


1. Infrastructure Security
a. Overview
b. Our Partner
c. Federal and Industry Controls and Certifications
d. Information Security 
e. Cloud Infrastructure 
f. Data Center Security 
g. Administrative Access Control
h. Platform Application Security 
i. Availability and Fault Tolerance 
2. Software Architecture 
a. Overview
b. Supported User Platforms
c. Technology Partners
d. Modern Application Technology Stack
e. Scale and Availability 
3. Availability and Fault Tolerance
a. UGS: User Generated Content
b. Relational Database Servers
c. NoSQL Database Servers (MongoDB and REdis)
d. Application Layers
4. Single Sign-On
a. Overview 
b. Standards Support
c. General Assumptions
d. Development Process
e. Supported Configurations
5. Automated Data Exchanges
a. Overview
b. Capabilities Include
6. Minimum Sy stem Requirements
a. General System Requirements
b. Computer Supported Hardware- Desktop
c. Computer/ Mobile Device Supported Operating Systems
7. Supported Languages
a. Overview
8 . Corp/U Video Specifications
a. Overview
b. Supported Output Formats
c. Video File Size Limitations
9. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance
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