Accessing Your Courses

When you are part of the delivery of a course, you are given access to the course by the CorpU administrators. All courses you have been given access to are listed in the Courses tab. There are just a few quick steps to get to your list of courses, and to find a specific one you’re looking for.

To search for and see courses you are supporting:

  • 1.     Log in to the CorpU platform with the access rights you have been given; if you have been given a link directly to a course, and you have logged in previously, you will be able to skip this entire search process

  • 2.     Click on Courses
  • 3.     Click on the Supporting tab
  • 4.     Use the Course Status drop-down on the right side of the top blue bar to filter for what you’re looking for Current, Preview, or Ended:
    • Current status is for those courses currently running, they have launched and are open to participants
    • Preview status is for courses that are still in draft mode, they haven’t been opened to the cohort yet but will be in the future; you may have been given early access to review content
    • Ended status is for courses that are completed, but you can still access them
  • 5.     Once you select the correct Status, you will be provided with a list of cohorts you have been given access to. Click on the name of the course, which is a link to the course.

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