Cohort Setup - Launch Tab

The Launch tab displays a summary of the course and course details. This is a great opportunity to review your course and confirm cohort members prior to launching the cohort.

Once you have reviewed the details of your course and cohort you are ready to launch. Remember, once you launch the cohort it will be available to participants.

Click the Launch Cohort button. A Launch Cohort Confirmation screen will be displayed.

You may send a launch communication from this screen.

Check the ‘Yes, Enable Launch Letter’ box and add your communication in the message section. Participants will receive the communication immediately after you click the ‘Let’s Go’ box.

Important Items to Note:

  • The Launch Cohort button must be clicked in order to open the cohort to members. This will change your cohort status from 'Preview' to 'Live.' Participants will not be able to view the cohort until it’s changed to ‘Live’.
  • A cohort cannot be launched until the Course Version is published.
  • The Launch Letter within the Launch Cohort button is optional. A subject line is required for the Launch Letter. Your subject line will automatically read “[Course Name]: [whatever you add in the Your Subject line]”
  • If a Launch Letter is sent, it will come from whoever is logged in when it’s sent. The sender’s name, picture, and email will be located at the bottom of the Launch Letter, along with a link to the course.
  • Once the cohort is launched, a message will appear near the top of your page letting you know it launched successfully.
  • You cannot resend the Launch Letter or un-launch a course.
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