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When creating your cohort’s roster, it’s important to clearly define the audience, who the participants will be. What criteria do these participants meet that qualify them for this course? Are they from the same functional area? Do they work together or fill similar leadership capacities in the organization? These are important factors to consider that may affect what reporting fields you decide to include on your roster.

Typically, participants are added to the cohort in a batch using a roster in the form of a .csv file. They can also be added individually. Both processes are explained below.

Bulk Add Members – Use this feature to add a group of participants to a cohort using a .csv file

Step 1: Click into the Members tab of your cohort.  Select the Bulk Add Members option.

Step 2: There are two options for adding bulk members, each with a step-by-step guide and an example template for your batch file.

If all of your cohort participants are existing users in the CorpU platform you will select the first option – Assign existing members to cohort. This option only requires a .csv file with the email address field populated to load participants to the cohort.

If you are loading new users to the CorpU Platform or you have a mix of new and existing users, you will select “Create new user accounts and assign them to this cohort.”

Accurate data is critical to both a seamless participant experience and accurate reporting. It is important to adhere to your company standards regarding the fields that should be populated and where you should obtain the data. We cannot stress enough the importance of accurate data. Check and double-check.  An incorrect participant email address or external guid will result in that individual not being able to access the material

The new user batch template has examples of column headings that you can add to your members’ profiles. The columns you populate with data will show on any reporting through the CorpU platform. All columns except for first_name, last_name, and email are optional.  If your company uses Single Sign On (SSO), the external_guid field is required and it is essential that this field is accurate. 

Adding an Individual Participant to a Cohort

Step 1: Click the Members tab of your cohort.

Step 2: Enter the participant email in the ‘Add a Member’ box.

Step 3: If the participant is already in the system their name and email will populate in the drop down. Click on the name to add them to the cohort. If the participant does not already have an account you can create one here by clicking ‘Create New User Account.’

Step 4: You will then be prompted to fill in the participant information (first name, last name and email address are required).

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