Cohort Setup - Breakout Groups Tab

If your course includes a Breakout Group discussion activity or a Private or Public Breakout Group Results activity, you will see the Breakout Groups tab and need to set these up.

First you will need to add your Breakout Groups. Add a breakout group by entering a group name (e.g. Group 1) and clicking ‘Add Group.’ Repeat the process for each breakout group. You are now ready to add members to each group. All cohort participants will be in the Unassigned Users section of the left side of the page. You can add members individually to a group by clicking on their name and then dragging and dropping them into their group.

To remove members from a group, drag them to the left sidebar.

If you want a random selection of Breakout Groups, you can use the Auto Shuffle Members Into Groups button.

Breakout Groups can be any kind of arrangement that fits the methodology of your course—for example, perhaps you value putting together leaders in similar roles, or leaders with similar levels of responsibility, or instead, leaders in different geographical regions so they can network in a new way. Whatever arrangement you decide, this page will help you manage the groups.

You can rename or delete Breakout Groups using the buttons on the right-hand side of each group heading. To see the groups expanded, click the Toggle All Groups button on the top right corner.

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