Cohort Setup - Featured Users Tab

Featured Users are users selected to appear in the right sidebar of the course landing page for a cohort. There are three “containers” titled Instructor, Course Moderator and Sponsor. You can rename these containers and add additional Featured User groups.

Adding a person as a featured user does not give them access to the course, you will need to add them in the Admins tab to grant access if they need it.

You may rename a Featured Users group by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name you wish to change and then entering a new name. For instance, you could change Instructor to Faculty

You may also change the appearance of a group by changing the size. Click on the drop-down box next to style to change the size. All groups are Large by default.

You may add a new Featured User group by clicking on the Add New Group at the bottom of the page and entering a name.

You may change the order of the groups by clicking on the colored panel next to the group you wish to move and dragging and dropping it to its new placement.

Important notes about Featured Users:

  •       Multiple users may be featured in any container.
  •       All individuals in the Moderator container will be sent an email when cohort members request to contact the course moderator by clicking on the envelope next to Course Moderator (see screen shot above).
    •       If your course includes a Cohort Update Activity the individual creating and uploading the video must be added to either a Moderator or Sponsor container.
  •        When we list people in the Featured Users tab, so that they are displayed in the right hand panel of the course home page, it is also necessary to add their name and give them proper permissions in the Admin tab. This will determine and increase the rights that they have and tools they have access to, depending on their role in delivering the course. For instance, a person listed as a Moderator in the Featured Users section will be set up to receive emails from participants; but you must also add that person in the Admin tab and give ‘Moderator’ permissions, otherwise he/she will not have access to the cohort and be able to manage tasks such as emailing the cohort, managing breakout groups or viewing completion reports.
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