Create a Cohort

What is the difference between a course and a cohort?

Course: The course that participants will be taking, contains all the content and activities.  The course name will display to participants under “My Courses.” 

Course Version: Courses are created and stored in versions - an iteration of a course. A course may have many course versions. One course version can have many cohorts tied to it. If a course version is changed or edited, all assigned cohorts will reflect that content change.

Cohort: A course session in the CorpU platform. The cohort is the group of people taking the course together at the same time.  (Similar to a class of people taking a course in a school).  There may be many classes at different dates and times all taking the same course).

Each separate running of a course should be within a cohort, for example: January 2017, Winter 2016 – USA, Winter 2016 – APAC.

How do I use cohorts, how are they created?

Cohorts should be used to separate groups of people who are taking a course. They are typically constructed to support a design goal – for example, they may be constructed to drive diversity across a set of criteria, or they may be grouped together by geography or other criteria.

A cohort is automatically created when you create a course version. The cohort naming convention will be: <Name of Course> YYYY-MM. You can rename the cohort by clicking on the cohort name and updating the name from the Edit Cohort page. If you are running a single cohort you can use this cohort and add/edit the cohort details. If you are running multiple cohorts, you will need to create new cohorts.

To create a cohort:

  • 1.     Select your course in Course Builder view and choose the course version you are creating a cohort for.

  • 2.     Click “+add new” and give the cohort a name. Be as specific as possible when naming cohorts so that as time passes, the cohorts are easily identifiable from one another. For example, we recommend including the course name, the region, time of year, or audience in the cohort name.

    Note: Participants will only see the course name, not the cohort name.  The only people that will see the cohort name are administrators and people with access to multiple cohorts at the same time.  This name will help ensure they find the cohort they are looking for.

  • 3.     Once your cohort is created you will need to add specific details including when it will be running, who will be participating, breakout group information, who will be featured on the course home page, and when are the live events (if applicable).

Cohort Status

Cohorts have a ‘Status’ field that provide you with the ability to preview a cohort, without having the system send invite notifications and daily course notifications before your cohort is ready to launch. By default, all cohorts are in preview status when created. Cohort status types are:

  •       Preview – Cohort is in a preview mode and not accessible by participants. Member invite and daily course progress notifications will not be emailed to participants.
  •       Live – Cohort is live and able to be accessed by participants. Member invite, launch letter and daily progress notifications will be emailed to participants.
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