Course Builder - Publish Tab

Course Builder – Publish Tab

The final step in building your course is publishing it. When you click on the Publish tab the following page is displayed:

It’s important to make major changes to your course while it is still in draft mode, as once you publish the course several design functions that were previously available to you will now be disabled.

As you can see in the screen shot above, the difference between Draft and Published is outlined as such:

Draft mode is used when course builders are building their courses.

When in draft mode:

  •       Builders get the full Course Builder experience where they can add, edit, and move any module, lesson or asset.
  •       Builders get a test cohort they can use to test their courses while building. Members can be added to these cohorts, but strictly for testing purposes; their course progress will not be properly tracked so a course in draft mode should never be used to run a cohort.

Publish mode is used when a course builder is finished editing a course version and ready to pass control of the course onto the facilitators responsible for running courses.

When a course version is published:

  •       Course cohorts can be populated, including instructors and other featured users
  •       User completion is tracked
  •       Course builder may not add or move modules/lessons/assets

IMPORTANT: Once a course is published and users within its cohorts have saved any completion data, it cannot be put back into draft mode.

The chart breaks down in deeper detail what you can do once a course is published versus what you cannot do. Ultimately, post-publishing makes available a host of cosmetic changes such as renaming titles, revising durations, and revising text and attachments for activities. However, post-publishing limits major changes such as adding or deleting modules, lessons, and activities, changing pacing, and changing activity type.

Course Design Element Available Post-Publishing of Course NOT Available Post-Publishing of Course
Changing an action label or title of an activity Ö
Renaming a Module, Lesson, or Activity Ö
Renaming a document title Ö
Revising a video type of key code/file id Ö
Revising durations Ö
Revising a document attachment Ö
Revising live event details Ö
Revising asset to/from ‘Optional’ status Ö
Revising discussion to include/preclude Breakout Group Ö
Revising prerequisite status Ö
Locking and unlocking course activities Ö
Deleting a Module, Lesson, or Activity Ö
Adding a Module, Lesson, or Activity Ö
Moving a Module, Lesson, or Activity Ö
Modifying an activity type (e.g., read to document, discussion to dropbox, etc.) Ö
Course pacing Ö

Ultimately, if you’d like to make edits to a course once it is published, you will have to make a copy of the course and edit that copy. You can then re-label the copied course as a Master course – the most current version.

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