January 30, 2023 Release: PGP Encryption for Automated Data Exchanges

PGP encryption for SFTP exchange

We take your data security seriously at Udemy, so we have added an additional layer of encryption: PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). This powerful tool further protects all data transferred via SFTP between your system and Udemy Business. Learn more about how to enable PGP encryption for your automated data exchanges.

If you're interested in learning more about our automated data exchange capabilities, please contact your Udemy Business Customer Success representative to learn more.

Upcoming changes to font

  • This quarter, we will be updating the font used throughout the platform. This work, along with the recent updates of the overall color palette and logo changes, provides an updated user experience that aligns to the Udemy Business branding. 

Platform improvements

  • Giving course progress bars an accessible name, increasing accessibility in the course experience by helping learners better understand their progress in the course how far along in the course they are
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