November 2022 Release: Platform Branding, Learner Communication Report

This month's release highlights our most recent product improvements to keep you informed about what's new on the platform.

Updated platform branding

As you might be aware, Udemy, Inc. acquired CorpU last year. To reflect this change, the CorpU platform will be adopting Udemy’s look and feel. Over the next several months or so, we will be updating the CorpU platform with Udemy branding, such as logos, colors, and fonts. 

  • This month, we replaced the CorpU logo with the Udemy Business logo within the platform and in platform emails. Note: The Udemy logo will not replace your organization’s logo anywhere it is currently used. 

New Learner Communication Report

Our new Learner Communication Report provides admins a simple way to view all data that learners have submitted in the system through course activities. With this report, admins can easily review topics covered across the cohort and identify interesting insights or comments to share with leadership during and after a course is delivered. The Learner Communication Report allows admins to…

  • View all discussion posts and replies submitted by learners in a course.
  • View all discourse and attachments submitted by learners in a course, including breakout group activities.
  • View submitted files from all dropbox and cohort collaboration activities.

Learn about this new admin report.


  • In an effort to minimize unwanted emails, My Team manager emails are no longer sent for archived and trashed courses.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed misaligned text in new course map.
  • Enabled Moderators, without course builder permissions but with admin tools icon, to manage breakout groups.
  • Fixed logo size issue in the new user welcome overlay in platform.
  • Corrected typo in My Team manager email template where “On Track” learners were labeled as “No Show.”
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