September 2022 Release Note: My Team Improvements, Learner Communication Report

This month's release highlights our most recent product improvements and fixes so that you stay informed about what's new on the platform. 


  • Added “Show Less” button in the My Learners section of the My Team dashboard, allowing managers to logically collapse their data view.
  • Display “Never” in the My Team dashboard under “Last Active” for learners that have not yet logged in, giving more clarity to managers regarding a learner’s system usage.

Learner Communication Report

Our new Learner Communication Report, currently in development, will provide admins a simple way to view all data that learners have submitted in the system through course activities, such as discussion posts/replies, dropboxes, breakout groups, etc.

With the new Learner Communication Report, admins can…

  • View all discussion posts and replies submitted by learners in a course or program
  • View all attachments submitted by learners in a course or program, including from breakout group activities
  • Download the report to CSV

More details to come, including an article in our Learning Center, as the report is closer to release.

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