May 2022 Release Note: Learning Center

This month’s release highlights our most recent product improvements and fixes so that you stay informed about what’s new on the platform.

What’s New

Important new features coming to CorpU on May 31st.

We have heard your feedback and are proud to announce the release of our updated and redesigned Learning Center

Whether you are a learner or an admin, you can now use the Learning Center to discover more about our platform, troubleshoot issues, and build, manage, and take courses. 

What’s New

  • 150+ new articles not previously included in the Learning Center.
  • Refreshed content incorporates new UI and functionality to support and troubleshoot any questions that arise.
  • Organized, role-based labels provide easy navigation “For Admins” and “For Learners.” 
  • Improved search functionality and topic lists make it easy to find the most up-to-date information.

How to Visit the Learning Center

Click the Support link on the site footer. Then, click the Learning Center link. You can also bookmark this link for future access.

The Learning Center will continue to be updated as new features are released. 


Smaller enhancements we have made to our product

  • Learning Center added as a default support option on the login page.

Bug Fixes

Corrections to bugs that have been identified in our product

  • Corrected an issue where batch CSV uploads were adding characters in the left-most column.
  • Removed outdated image from self-registration page.
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