Admin and Learner Account Notifications

Admins and learners receive several kinds of email notifications related to Communities of Practice, their courses, and messages sent by learners, admins, and moderators. This article outlines the different types of notifications you may receive.

Notifications received by admins

  • Welcome email: This is an email sent to all new users, of any account type, when their account is created. It allows new users to create a password and set up their profile.
  • Course notifications:
  • User management:
    • When a new user self-registers, if self-registration is enabled in site settings.

Notifications received by learners

  • Welcome email
  • Community of Practice:
  • Course notifications:
    • Enrollment notifications, if enabled by the site admin
    • Reminder notification, if enabled by the site admin and configured for the cohort
    • Launch letter
    • Automated daily email
    • Discussion replies and @ mentions
    • Breakout group
    • Messages from the Moderator
    • Nudge and kudos messages
    • Learn more about all course notifications sent to learners.
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