Community of Practice: Ping Feature

This article, for learners, outlines the Ping feature and how you can reply to a Ping when you receive an email that a Ping has been created for you.

What is a Ping?

Ping is a real-time feedback tool that allows groups of learners to collectively answer questions, make decisions, and resolve issues by working together in a shared, feedback-rich environment. By allowing leaders to collaboratively explore a decision and converge on preferred solutions in a matter of seconds, Ping boosts their ability to make well-informed choices that increase their odds of successful execution.

Leaders use Ping to prompt their teams to make a prediction, answer a question, or to get immediate feedback on an idea. Pings consist of a single multiple-choice question so you are only able to choose a single response.

Using Ping allows you to provide your leaders valuable real-time information and an opportunity to quickly assess community members’ ongoing attitudes and beliefs. 

What happens when you receive a Ping?

After a Ping is created, you will immediately receive an email containing the question and potential responses. After clicking a response, you are immediately taken to the Community of Practice page, where you will see the current results of the question updated in real-time. You will also have the ability to discuss the topic with other community members via a discussion. Sometimes, based on the dialogue in the discussion, you may change their original position. Ping allows you to update your vote during the one to three day window the Ping is open. 

Example of a Ping

The following is an example of a Ping. Note: All company identifying information has been removed from the image.

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