Configuring Site Settings: Features

This article describes how site owners can configure features on their organization’s site, including the catalog, course enrollment notifications, and My team. 

To begin, navigate to the Features page within Site Settings.


If you would like your organization’s learners to be able to view course splash pages using the catalog feature, you must first configure the catalog feature in Site Settings.

The configurable settings for the catalog include:

  • Enable Catalog: This setting will enable a catalog where courses can be published and made available to learners to browse and enroll in a course.
  • Enable Public Privacy Setting Option: This setting will allow the Public privacy setting option to be made available when configuring a course.
  • Allow Members to View Catalog: This setting enables a new catalog link within the site to allow learners to access the catalog. Otherwise, they would need to type into their browser to access the catalog.

Learn more about how to build a course splash page

Course Enrollment Notifications

If you would like to enable automatic enrollment and cancellation notifications when a learner enrolls or is removed from a course, select the checkbox next to Enable Enrollment Notifications. This setting also enables the ability for an admin to set a reminder date to notify learners of an upcoming course.

Learn more about course enrollment notifications.

My Team

If you would like to enable the My Team feature, select the checkbox next to Enable My Team. Learn more about the My Team feature.

With all of the feature configurations, remember to click Save at the bottom of the page.

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