What is the Site Owner’s Role

This article outlines what a site owner is and includes answers to commonly asked questions regarding the role.

Who is the account owner for a cohort learning account?

The site owner is the main point of contact for an organization. Your Customer Success representative will help to determine who will be assigned the owner.

Please note that each organization must have an email contact that is designated to their Customer Success representative as the owner.

Can organizations have more than one owner listed for a Udemy Business account?

Yes. Organizations can have more than one owner designated. However, it is important to limit the number of site owners, as site owners have access to site settings and other configurable site-wide features. 

Can our organization request to have an account owner added or removed?

Yes. Please reach out to your Customer Success representative.

What operations can owners perform in an Udemy Business account?

Learn about the permissions granted to site owners and other permissions groups.

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