How to Feature a Resource in a Community of Practice

This article describes how to feature a resource in a Community of Practice.

What happens when you feature a resource?

When a resource is featured, it is displayed more prominently on the community page. While other resources are listed under the Toolkit section, the resources that have been featured are listed in the Featured section, which is displayed at the top of the page. The thumbnail used for featured resources is much larger and featured resources are clicked more frequently as a result.

Admins often feature the most important resources for their learners and periodically update which resources are featured as topics become more and less important.

Can you feature more than one resource at the same time?

Yes, you can feature multiple resources. Keep in mind that the more resources you feature, the smaller each thumbnail image will be.

How to feature a resource

  1. Navigate to the community page.
  2. Click on the resource you’d like to feature.
  3. Under the resource title, locate the Feature link. Note: The star icon should not be filled in.
  4. Click Feature. The page will automatically reload and the star icon will be filled in. This means that the resource is now featured.
  5. To remove the featured tag, simply click Featured and the resource will no longer be featured.
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