How to Add a Resource to a Community of Practice

This article provides instructions for adding resources to a Community of Practice (CoP).

What types of resources are added to a community?

Resources are often comprised of videos, attachments such as PDFs or slides, and/or content embedded within the resource page. A few examples of community resources include but are not limited to:

  • Important content from a program or course
  • Video message from a Sponsor and/or Executive Sponsor
  • Templates and documents from the organization for learners to download
  • Program map
  • Organization strategy

What order are resources displayed in on the Community of Practice page?

Resources are displayed in chronological order, with the most recent resources located at the top and left of the Toolkit. Additionally, featured resources are displayed prominently at the top of the page, with a larger thumbnail image.

How to add a resource to a community

  1. Navigate to the community page.
  2. Scroll down to the Toolkit section and click Add New.
  3. Next, enter the name of the resource and add a description. Learn more about how to use the formatting capabilities in the text editor, which mirror the formatting capabilities when building a course activity.
  4. Under Settings, Allow Comments is selected by default, which allows community members to comment on the resource, similar to a Discussion activity in a course. If you would like to turn this off, deselect Allow Comments
  5. Add a thumbnail image, which will be displayed on the resource‚Äôs tile on the Community of Practice page as well as at the top of the resource page. Learn more about how to upload a file to the platform. Note: The image should be rectangular in shape and properly sized. Learn more about maximum image sizes for community resources.
  6. Optionally add alt and title text to your thumbnail image.
  7. Under Topics, select whether the resource is an Insight or Tool. This is a required field. Learn more about how to add additional custom topics.
  8. If you would like to add a video or attachment, select Document or Video in the File section. Videos are embedded in community resources while documents are attached to the resource. Learn more about how to upload a file and how to upload a video.
  9. If you would like to post on behalf of a Featured User, such as an Executive Sponsor or Sponsor, you can designate who to post on behalf of at the bottom of the page. Most often, resources are added on behalf of Sponsors and Executive Sponsors to motivate learners to view the content.
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