Manager Guide: My Team

This article describes the platform’s My Team feature, which provides managers of learners a way to encourage and participate in the success of their employees’ learning initiatives.

Note: My Team is not enabled by default. If your organization wishes to enable My Team, your site owner must enable the feature via site settings

My Team key features

  • Track learner progress and engagement across all courses they’re enrolled in.
  • Easily review each learner’s current, upcoming, and ended courses.
  • Motivate and encourage learners through kudos and nudge messages.
  • Configurable notification options ensure managers get the course notifications they prefer.

My Learners

The My Learners section provides information regarding each learner’s progress in their course(s), separated by the status of the course(s) they are enrolled in - i.e. current, upcoming, or ended. Learn more about the difference between course statuses.

Use the sorting dropdown to sort by current courses or alphabetically A-Z or Z-A.

Click one of the buttons under Current Courses or Ended Courses to view that learner’s data for the course:

To view the start date(s) of a learner’s upcoming course(s), click the respective button.


Whereas the My Learners section provides a learner-by-learner view of learners’ progress, the Courses section provides a course-by-course view. Each course that one or more learners are enrolled in can be viewed via its tile, which includes learner progress information and actions a manager can take to support their employees.

Use the search bar and filtering dropdowns at the top of the section to search by course title, filter by course status, and/or filter by course pacing. 

Each course tile includes the following information. 

  • Course name.
  • Course start and end dates.
  • Learners enrolled in the course.
  • Each learner’s percentage of completion of the course.
  • The number of activities completed by each learner.
  • The last time a kudos or nudge message was sent to each learner.
  • Participation, Discussion, and Engagement categories. Learn more about these categories.
  • Actions, including sending a nudge message, sending a kudos message, sending a general message, and viewing the learner’s profile.

Sending bulk kudos or nudge messages

Additionally, managers can bulk send a nudge or kudos message to many learners within a course at the same time via the bulk action buttons at the top of each course’s tile. 

  1. Click the desired button to send a nudge to no show learners or behind learners, or a kudos message to on track learners. 
  2. Remove any learners you do not wish to include by clicking the X next to their name.
  3. Update the subject and message as desired.
  4. Click Send.


Notifications are sent daily based on the settings selected at the top of the page or in the manager's profile. Notification emails are sent based on specific events, including the following:

  • When a learner falls behind: When one or more learners falls into the “no show” or “behind” participation category, the manager will receive an email with the learner(s) listed in the respective category(ies). Note: Notifications are sent on days with no scheduled activities.
  • When a course ends: Seven days after the last day of activities in a course, the manager will receive an email indicating that the course has ended.
  • When a new course has started: Within 24 hours of a course starting, the manager will receive an email indicating that a new course their learners are enrolled in has started. 
  • Always when an active cohort is running: During an active course, the manager will receive a daily email including learner participation information, a list of active courses, and other course information. Note: Notifications are sent on days with no scheduled activities.

Self-paced courses

Self-paced courses function a bit differently in the My Team dashboard because they are not paced, meaning they do not have start and end dates.

  • Participation, Discussion, and Engagement categories are not displayed in the dashboard.
  • Each learner’s enrollment date is displayed in the Courses section.
  • If a manager has opted to receive notifications when a course starts, they will receive the notification based on the date the course is launched.
  • If a manager has opted to receive notifications when a course ends, they will receive the notification each time a learner completes all required activities in a course.

Note: Data in the dashboard is refreshed every few hours.

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