Best Practices When Creating a Cohort Update Activity Video

This article includes tips and best practices to prepare admins and Moderators before filming a video for a Cohort Update activity.

Suggested video length

It is a best practice to limit a Chort Update activity video to approximately five minutes in length, particularly when the video is used as a module or course capstone. 

Topics for Moderator to address 

When recording a Cohort Update activity video as a module or course capstone, it is common for Moderators to discuss one or more of the topics below based on learner engagement. Do not feel the need to address every single topic and question listed below. The video should last about five minutes so covering even a few of the topics is sufficient.

  • Prominent themes from discussions.
  • Particularly compelling discussion posts. Use learner names & direct quotes if possible, based on the organization’s culture.
  • Best practices surfaced in discussions.
  • Important trends shown in survey and/or assessment results, possibly compared to the norm (i.e. are the cohort’s results normal?)
  • Actionable insights from discussions and/or assessments. What should learners focus on next?
  • If applicable, breakout group themes and connections. For example, if two groups surfaced opposing viewpoints, you might encourage the cohort to discuss further in the Discussion activity following the video.

Topics for Sponsor to address (if applicable)

If the course Sponsor is recording a Cohort Update activity video, the following topics are suggested but not required.

  • Respond to common questions and/or concerns raised in the discussions.
  • Share what the organization is already doing in relation to the content from this module or course and how the learners can contribute.
  • What are specific opportunities to apply what the learners have just learned? How can they take action to use what they have learned within the organization?

Suggested follow-up course activity

Often, after a Cohort Update activity video there is a Discussion activity. The video should segue into the discussion via a closing remark near the end of the video. The Moderator or admin recording the video should view the Discussion activity prior to creating the video to ensure their closing remark provides a smooth transition to the Discussion activity.

Based on the discussion prompt, below are a few sample closing remarks for the end of a Cohort Update activity video:

  • “In the discussion following this video, please respond to...”
  • “Based on the results of the assessment, use the upcoming discussion to discuss...”
  • “In the following discussion, identify one specific...”

Suggested process to prepare a Cohort Update activity video

  1. Draft an outline of what you will cover on your video.
  2. Prepare any slides you’d like to share during your video. This is not necessary, but slides provide a visual aid during videos.
  3. Prepare to record your video using a mobile phone, computer webcam, or other available video technology. View our supported video formats to ensure your video will be viewable in the platform.
  4. Reference our article regarding best practices when filming.
  5. If there are discussions or other activities taking place shortly before the video will be recorded, do not worry about including them in the video since it’s likely that learners have not contributed to the activities yet. 
  6. Read our article about how to upload a Cohort Update activity video so you are able to smoothly upload the file after recording the video.
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