How to Upload a Cohort Update Activity Video

This article describes how to upload a Cohort Update activity video, to be used when a Cohort Update activity is part of a course. Cohort Update activity videos are typically created by the Moderator but the Sponsor or another admin can also create the video.

What is a Cohort Update activity?

A Cohort Update activity, sometimes referred to as a Video Now, is an activity that allows for the Moderator, Sponsor, or another admin of each particular cohort to upload a video to provide direct feedback to the cohort. Rather than a single video that’s used for all cohorts, as is the case with a Video activity, Cohort Update activities provide a placeholder for each cohort to receive a video unique to the cohort. Typically about five minutes long, the videos are often recorded via computer webcam or phone and are intended to speak directly to a cohort.

Often, Cohort Update activities are used as an alternative to a live event capstone and are followed by a Discussion activity, where learners are encouraged to share their takeaways from the course or module.

All admins that have the ability to upload a Cohort Update Activity video for a cohort receive reminder notifications leading up to the day where the activity is scheduled to be viewed. Learn more about cohort admin permissions.

How to upload a Cohort Update video

  1. Navigate to the course home page.
  2. Near the top right of the course page, underneath the course header, there should be a section labeled Update Activity. If there is not, the Cohort Update Activity has not been set up properly on the Build page. Click Upload for the activity you would like to upload a video for.
  3. Click Select File and choose the video file from your system. Learn more about our supported video formats
  4. After the video has been uploaded, click Save.
  5. Optionally attach a file along with your video. Often, Moderators will include any slides presented during the video or survey results from surveys taken during the course. If there are no files to attach, click Save without uploading anything.
  6. Next, add a Description, which will be placed in the body of the course activity. By default, the Description section from the activity’s Build page will be displayed in the text editor. Anything you write, including if you delete the text already in the Description section, will overwrite the current activity Description.
  7. Review each of the sections by clicking the section names. When you are ready to publish the video, click Publish
  8. When your video has been successfully uploaded, you will receive a Success message in the modal. The video will be available to learners in the cohort after it has finished processing.
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