How to Send Nudge and Kudos Communications to Learners

This article describes how to send a nudge and kudos communication to learners during a course using the Module Completion bars.

Note: This feature is available to all cohort admin options with the exception of Auditors and Sponsors. Learn more about cohort admin roles.

What are nudge and kudos communications?

Nudge and kudos communications are messages that come from an admin or Moderator to encourage learners to begin or get back into the course (in the case of a nudge) or keep up the great work by staying on track with the course (in the case of a kudos). The platform has built-in functionality to help with this messaging.

Why send a nudge or kudos message?

After a learner has fallen far enough behind that they feel that they can’t catch up, they are more likely to never begin the course. This leads to the learner not learning the content of the course, as well as a less meaningful cohort learning experience if enough learners do not engage. Sending a nudge communication to learners that have not started the course or who are falling behind keeps learners accountable and helps ensure that each learner completes course activities approximately at the same rate as the rest of their cohort. This leads to a richer, more meaningful experience for all cohort members, as there are more robust discussions and live events and more collaboration.

Similarly, learners that are on track will ideally stay that way, and one way to increase the likelihood of this is to send positive reinforcement.

Why send the message through the platform instead of my email provider?

Emails that come from the platform include a button in the email to go directly to the relevant page related to the email. When you send a nudge or kudos message from the platform, the button in the learner’s email takes them directly to the course, making it even easier for them to begin or get back into the course.

How to send a nudge or kudos communication

  1. Navigate to the Module Completion bars and click on the bar of the module you want to explore.
  2. Locate the completion category you’d like to message - Not Started, Partial Completion, or Completed.
  3. Click Email Group on the right of the selected category header. 
  4. Next, create the email message that will be sent to the selected group. Tip: You can add additional recipients to the email, such as other admins, and also send yourself a copy of the message.
  5. Click Send at the bottom of the page.
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