Module Completion Bars

This article provides instructions to admins when using the Module Completion bars on the course home page when managing a live course. 

What are the Module Completion bars?

Note: This feature is available to all admin categories in the cohort Admins page with the exception of Auditor. 

The Module Completion bars are a simple way for learning leaders and other admins to track learner progress during a course. They show, by module, which learners fall into the categories of Not Started, Partial Completion, and Completed. 

In the example image above, 5 learners have not completed any activities in the course (i.e. Not Started), 3 have completed some of the module’s activities (Partial Completion), and 17 have completed the module (Completed).

From the Module Completion bars, admins (with the exception of Auditors and Sponsors) can easily send nudge and kudos communications to learners directly from the platform. Learn more about how to send nudge and kudos communications using the Module Completion bars.

How to navigate to and use the Module Completion bars

  1. Navigate to the course home page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. On the right, underneath the Your Cohort section, locate the Module Completion section, which will include a bar for each module in the course.
  4. Click on an individual bar to view that module’s completion data.
  5. In the Module Completion modal, you will be able to view each learner’s completion percentage, grouped by completion category - Not Started, Partial Completion, and Completed. You can also download the data as a CSV by clicking the Download Detail as CSV button on the top right of the modal.
  6. Optionally send a nudge or kudos communication to an entire completion category by clicking Email Group. Note: This feature is not available to the admin categories of Sponsor and Auditor.
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