How to Build a Course Splash Page

This article describes how to build a splash page for a course for use in self enrollment. Course splash pages can be added to the Catalog and/or shared with learners other ways.

What is a splash page?

A splash page is designed to serve call-to-action buttons that guide action throughout the page. The splash page guides visitors from attracting their interest to making them an enrolled cohort member.

  • Increase course enrollments
  • Grow the adoption of new programs
  • Improve your ROI
  • Convert a higher percentage of your visitors into course participants
  • Helps to make the first step of establishing a relationship with your members

A splash page is designed with no distractions so that it converts learners into an enrolled cohort member. To do this, it presents specific and carefully chosen information that encourages learners to enroll in a course. The purpose of this page is to be the focusing point of your marketing campaigns and is the last step before your visitors turn into an enrolled cohort member.

How to enable a course splash page 

  1. Click on the admin tools icon on the top right after logging in.
  2. Click Courses from the admin tools menu on the left.
  3. Select the desired course.
  4. Click the Settings option within the course.
  5. Under the General tab, select Enable Splash page. This setting allows you to create a splash page for the course that can be shared via the Catalog or other methods.

How to build a splash page

Please note that the sections listed below are optional but highly recommended.

  1. After enabling the splash page in the General tab, click the Details tab.
  2. Create a Tagline for your course and enter course Tags, or choose from the list of existing tags. This information will appear below the course title.
  3. Set the Duration of the course.
  4. Add important information about the course to the About This Course section.
  5. Add Additional Course Information if there are additional details about the course that you would like to call out into a new and dedicated section of the splash page. Think of this as your own custom block that you can freely design as you wish.
  6. Click the Media tab.
  7. Upload a Partner Logo and a course Thumbnail image that best represents your course. Learn more about how to upload an image to the platform.
  8. Upload a Promotional Video and/or Sample Lecture to highlight your course and motivate visitors to enroll. Learn more about how to upload a video to the platform.
  9. Click the More Information tab.
  10. Add the Expert Faculty members you would like to highlight. You can add their full name, upload a photo, and title.
  11. Add distinct Features about your course to make it stand out and accentuate the uniqueness of your course.
  12. Tell potential learners what to expect in the What You Will Learn section.
  13. Click the Quotes & FAQ tab. 
  14. Add Participant Quotes to share the impact and social proof of the results from the course. Learner quotes can be manually curated from NPS comments and the High Impact Learning Dashboard available in the platform.
  15. Add FAQs about the course to answer common questions.
  16. Click Submit. Note: It is recommended to save periodically to avoid any potential lost updates.

How to view a course splash page

View your course’s splash page by navigating to the URL provided in the General tab under Enable Splash Page, or by clicking the launch icon on the far right.

This is the link that can be shared with learners. Learn more about self enrollment using course splash pages.

Here is an example of a completed splash page:

Note: In the Course Overview section of the splash page, the platform automatically pulls in the information using the most recent course version. Learn more about the difference between courses and course versions.

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