Maximum Image Sizes for Upload

Admins may wonder what size images can be added throughout the platform, including in a community of practice or embedded into a course activity. This article provides instruction regarding the sizing of images. 

The platform utilizes a full-width design to create a more immersive and responsive learning experience that is accessible for every learner. The maximum image sizes for different pages in the platform are listed in the table below.

Images that are larger than the sizes listed in the table will be scaled down to the respective size to optimize the image for the page. As a result, uploading an image larger than the maximum image size may result in grainy or fuzzy images. 

Area Max Image Width
Course Activity 1080px
Community of Practice - Featured Content Thumbnail 978px
Community of Practice - Toolkit Thumbnail 307px

The site logo does not have a maximum image width but the image must be a minimum of 65px in height. Learn more about configuring the site logo.

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