How to Embed Content via iframe

This article instructs admins how to incorporate content in the platform via iframe. Most often iframe is used for surveys or assessments, but other types of content can be embedded using iframe as well.

How to embed content into a course activity using iframe

  1. Go to the piece of content in the source system and copy the iframe code. Tip: This code is often found via a Share button or by navigating to the source system’s source code.
  2. Navigate to the page in the platform where you’d like to add the content, e.g. a course activity’s Build page.
  3. Click on the Source Code icon in the editor, located on the far right of the editor icons.
  4. source code
  5. Paste your iframe or embed code in the desired location within the existing source code. The iframe code should look something like this, though this is only an example: 
  6. <iframe src="" width="100%" height="800" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  7. Click Create, Save, or Update depending on the option shown on the page.

Common issues when embedding content via iframe

  • Not using a URL that begins with “https”: Always check the HTML source to ensure the URL starts with https, rather than http. Otherwise it will not display properly when embedded.
  • Not adjusting the width and height of the content properly: Often, the width should be set to 100%, to ensure the embedded content will properly expand to full-width of the viewable area. Otherwise, the formatting may look strange depending on the learner’s device and screen size.
  • Not using the correct code: Our platform allows content to be embedded via iframe. If you are attempting to use something else, the embedded content may not display and/or may not display properly.
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