Activity Type: Private and Public Breakout Group Results

This article discusses the unique aspects of creating both Private Breakout Group Results and Public Breakout Group Results activities when building a course.

What is a Breakout Group Results activity?

A Breakout Group Results activity, whether public or private, is an activity that allows breakout groups to submit a deliverable to the Moderator for their review. When there is an exercise, such as a case study, where breakout groups are instructed to meet, complete a deliverable, and submit it to the Moderator as a breakout group, this activity type is best. 

Note: Adding this activity type to a course necessitates the creation of breakout groups for each cohort. Learn how to set up breakout groups. If the intent is to have individual learners submit a deliverable rather than groups, a Dropbox activity or Discussion activity is a better solution.

How do breakout groups submit a deliverable?

Learn how breakout groups submit a deliverable.

Public vs. Private Breakout Group Results

  • Public: Submissions from groups are seen by all cohort members.
  • Private: Only the Moderator and other admins can view each group’s submission.

If the intent of the activity is for learners to see other groups’ submissions, the public option is best. If the intent is for groups to submit their deliverables for review by the Moderator and/or other admins, the private option is best.

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