Activity Type: Dropbox

This article discusses the unique aspects of creating a Dropbox activity when building a course.

What is a Dropbox activity?

A Dropbox activity is an activity that allows learners to submit a deliverable to the Moderator for their review. When there is an exercise, such as a case study, where learners are instructed to individually complete a deliverable and submit it to the Moderator, a Dropbox activity is best. 

An important note is that the deliverable will only be visible to the Moderator and other admins, not to other cohort members, so a Dropbox activity should only be built if other learners are not meant to see each learner’s submission. If the intent is for other learners to view each others’ submissions, a Discussion activity is often best as long as the prompt instructs learners to attach their deliverables to their discussion post.

For instances where breakout groups are meant to submit a deliverable to the Moderator, the Breakout Group Results activity should be used instead. The Dropbox activity is only meant for individual learner submissions.

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