Activity Type: Profile

This article discusses the unique aspects of creating a Profile activity when building a course.

What is a Profile activity?

A profile activity embeds the Profile page into a course as an activity. Instead of learners navigating to the Profile page to set up their Profile, they can do so as part of the course. Often, the Profile activity is one of the first activities in a course.

Why include a Profile activity in a course?

Profile activities are a great way for learners to get to know their fellow cohort members. The information that learners share in this activity can be viewed by other cohort members in the Your Cohort section of the course home page.

Additionally, including a Profile activity in a course offers a simple way for learners to get acclimated to the platform. They’ll complete their Profile, mark the activity complete, and potentially view other learners’ profile information, which helps introduce them to the platform as well as their fellow cohort members.

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