The Difference Between Live Event Setup for Courses and Cohorts

Live events can cause confusion for admins, as they are included in both the course build process as well as the cohort setup process. This article aims to eliminate this confusion by providing a description of how the two live event pieces work together to create a seamless course experience for learners.

How the two live event setups work together

Perhaps the best way to understand the way the two Live Event setup types work together is to think of them as a templateand a version unique to a specific cohort.

  • Live event when building a course via the Build page: This is the template, where admins add the event type and add an event description that’s relevant for all cohorts that will take the course in the future. The description will likely reference what learners should have completed by the event, what to expect, and what to bring, but admins are not entering specific details such as date, time, or a link to join the event.
  • Live event when setting up a cohort via the Events page: This is different for every cohort, since cohorts take courses at different dates and times and live events may run differently for different cohorts. While the template description is what shows up in the Description section when a live event is first set up, admins can change the description, add the links to register and/or join the event, list the start and end times, and later upload the recording and/or slide deck. 

Note: Changing the Description section in the Live Event activity on the Build page does not change the description on the event page in cohort setup once the event has been configured. If you’d like to change the description, you’ll need to go to the live event page in cohort setup and update the Description section.

What happens if you update the Live Event activity on the Build page after setting up the live event for a cohort?

Once you have set up a live event in cohort setup by clicking Save at the bottom of the event page, the event is locked. Updates to the Live Event activity on the Build page will not affect any live events that have been set up using that activity. This is necessary to ensure that events are never erroneously updated after they have been configured due to a change in the Live Event activity on the Build page (i.e. the template).  

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