Activity Type - Document

Activity Type – Document

A Document activity is used when you would like to attach one or more documents to your activity. As with all activity types text must be entered in the description box. The text may be instructional with an attachment as a reference or may be an introduction explaining what the attachment is.

When creating a Document activity:

  •       The Document activity has several required fields. Action label, title and description must be completed, at a minimum.
  •       Action Label: By default, this field will be populated but it is best practice to make this as specific and appropriate as possible. What will participants do with this activity? Will they read, watch, download? The general rule of thumb is to make sure it is an action verb. This will be displayed in lower case no matter how it is typed in.
  •       Name: Enter the name for the activity. This will display in the course navigation for your participants.
  •       Description:This is the text for your activity. It will be preceding text for attached files.
  •       Use the prerequisite dropdown if there is an activity that must be completed before this activity.
  •       If you would like to display the amount of time that the activity takes to complete enter time in seconds in the duration field. Although you enter the time in seconds it will be displayed in minutes.
  •       Check the box if this is an optional activity. The activity will be displayed in the course, but the duration will not be included in the time needed per lesson. It is recommended that you add ‘Optional’ to the activity title so that participants are aware it is not a required activity.
  •       When entering text in the description box the text editor bar lets you do basic formatting tricks—different heading styles, boldingitalicizing, underlining, numbering and bulleting, and hyperlinking. For more advanced options, you can click the html button on the far right of the text editor. This will open a pop-up window where you can alter the html manually. Only select this if you are an advanced html user!

Some examples of possible documents to attach are:

  •       Readings
  •       Case studies
  •       Charts
  •       Templates
  •       PowerPoints
  •       Infographics
  •       Links
  •       Documents for reference

To attach a file from your system:

  • 1.     Name your attachment – Keep in mind this name will be visible to participants
  • 2.     Select ‘Upload a File From Your System’
  • 3.     Click ‘Select File’
  • 4.     Select the file you want to attach and click ‘Open’

  • 5.     Click ‘Create’

To link to a file on the web:

  • 1.     Name your attachment – Keep in mind this name will be visible to participants
  • 2.     Select Link to a File on the Web
  • 3.     Enter the URL
  • 4.     Click Create
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