Activity Type: Reflection

This article discusses the unique aspects of creating a Reflection activity when building a course.

What is a Reflection activity?

Reflections are personal writings that can only be seen by the learner. What a learner writes stays visible in the Reflection activity itself and all reflections are stored in the backpack. For this reason, Reflection activities are good when you want to ask learners to think about their progress or the evolution of their thoughts over time.

Tips when creating a Reflection activity

  • It is good to place reflections immediately before or after important readings or videos. This helps learners get their thoughts in order so they can more purposefully consume the content and/or think critically about the content they have just consumed.
  • Do not create a prompt that is better served as a Discussion activity, where learners read and reply to each other’s posts. Instead, create an opportunity for learners to gain value by reflecting and writing a message for themselves.
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