Activity Type: Document

This article discusses the unique aspects of creating a Document activity when building a course.

What is a Document activity?

A Document activity is used when you would like to attach one or more files to your activity. This is separate from a Video activity, where files can optionally be attached along with the video. 

Common uses of Document activities include the following: 

  • Include graphics in the Description section but attach the graphics as an attachment for learners to download. This is especially helpful for charts and images with small font that may be difficult to read.
  • Introduce and explain the attached file in the activity’s Description section so learners understand the importance of the file.
  • Use an attached file as a reference in the Description section.

Common types of files in a Document activity

  • Readings
  • Case studies
  • Charts
  • Templates
  • PowerPoints
  • Infographics
  • Reference documents

Can you upload more than one file?

Yes, you can add several files to one activity. However, you should consider how having many files in one activity will appear to learners. From a learning perspective, it's not a good practice to fill an activity with many files to download. Instead, you may wish to combine files into one or split the activity into multiple activities.

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