Activity Type: Video

This article discusses the unique aspects of creating a Video activity when building a course.

Video alignment

When adding a video to a Video activity, you can choose to have the video placed above the Description section text or below the Description section text. By default, videos are placed below the text.

Can you add more than one video to an activity?

Currently, you can only add one video per activity via the Video section. However, you can also embed a video via iframe in the Description section via the Source Code button. Learn more about how to embed objects via iframe.

Best practices when creating a Video activity

  • Limit the video to 5 minutes maximum, preferably 3-4 minutes, to keep learners engaged.
  • Include a brief introduction of what the video portrays in the Description section so learners know what to expect and are enticed to watch the video.
  • Consider attaching a transcript of the video and/or an attachment containing images or charts from the video. Often, images and charts are not displayed on screen long enough during a video for learners to fully understand so having an attachment to keep is helpful.
  • Use best practices when filming videos.

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