How to Build a Course Activity

This article explains how to build a course activity after navigating to the Build page and adding the appropriate activity.

Learn more about the following types of activities:

Fields available in all activity types

  • Action Label: This is where you enter the verb you’d like displayed to learners alongside the activity name in the Course Map. All activity types have a default (e.g. for Video activities the action label is “watch”) but can be updated.

action label

  • Name: This is the name of the activity, which will be displayed in the Course Map to learners. 

activity name

  • Description: The Description section is where you’ll add the main content for the activity. Often, this section includes text, one or more images, and links. 

activity description

The Description section includes several formatting tools to help improve the richness of the course experience for your learners:

  • Different heading styles

text styles

  • Bolding

bold icon

  • Italicizing

italicize icon

  • Underlining

underline icon

  • Strikethrough

strikethrough icon

  • Justification

strikethrough icon

  • Numbering and bulleting

numbering and bulleting icons

  • Indents and outdents

indent and outdent icons

  • Hyperlinks (Tip: If you set the Target to New Window, learners that click the link will see the new page in a new window, which reduces confusion when they wish to go back to the course).

insert link icon

insert link modal

  •        Adding images

insert image icon

insert image modal

  • Adding a horizontal line to accentuate a break in content within the activity

horizontal line icon

  • Adding or editing HTML using the Source Code button 

source code icon

  • Use this option to write or copy/paste advanced HTML, embed iframes, or for advanced formatting.  

After entering your activity content in the Description section, make sure to click Save at the bottom of the page. Tip: View the activity from the learner’s perspective as you build it by clicking View Course at the top of the page, right clicking a cohort, and clicking Open Link in New Tab. Then, navigate to the activity you’re working on and you can see the activity from the learner’s perspective, which helps determine where edits are needed.

  • Prerequisite: You can choose an activity as a prerequisite to the current activity. If specified, the current activity will be locked until the chosen prerequisite activity is completed by the learner.


  • Duration: Enter the estimated duration of the activity in seconds. 

activity duration

  • Optional: Select if the activity is optional. Note: Optional activities are not included in analytics, such as completion percentage.

optional activity checkbox

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