Course Setup: Cohorts Page

This article explains the Cohorts page, where admins can navigate to specific cohorts using a specific course version.

To begin, navigate to the Cohorts page.

course admin panel cohorts

What is the Cohorts page?

The Cohorts page is where admins can find the cohorts that correspond to the particular course version. While it is very similar to the Course Admin page, the Cohorts page only shows the cohorts that use the selected course version.

The course version whose cohorts are displayed is listed on the left of the screen above the course setup menu. Use the arrow icon to view a dropdown list of other versions to select.

course version selection dropdown

What can you do on the Cohorts page?

You can use the Cohorts page to configure a particular cohort, view a particular cohort’s course page from the learner’s perspective, and view details about cohorts using this course version. Learn more about how to create a cohort.

cohorts within course version

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