Course Setup: Build Page

This article outlines the main aspects of the Build page, where course builders typically spend the majority of their time building a course.

  • Recommendations while building a course
  • How to add a module
  • How to add a lesson to a module
  • How to add an activity to a lesson
  • How to move an activity, lesson, or module

To begin, navigate to the course setup Build page.

course admin panel build

Recommendations when building a course

  • A cohort is automatically created when a new course or course version is created. Best practice is to use this cohort to preview the learner view as you’re building the course. You can do this by clicking View Course on the top right of the Build page, hovering over the lone cohort listed, right clicking and selecting Open Link in New Tab.

view course while building

  • Review the definitions and hierarchy of course module, lesson, and activity.
  • It is important to note that when adding modules, lessons, and activities, new course assets are added last by default. In other words, if you have three lessons inside a module and add a fourth, it will automatically be placed fourth in the module. Learn more about how to move assets in the section below titled “How to move an activity, lesson, or module”.

How to add a module

  • If you created a new course from scratch, an untitled module will be the only course component by default. 

default untitled module

  • To add a module, click Add Module at the top of the page and enter the module name. 

add module button

  • To edit a module name, including for the module added by default, click Edit Module on the right side of the module. Then, enter the name you’d like to give the module and click Update.

module name

How to add a lesson to a module

  1. Select Lesson from the dropdown menu within the associated module. Lessons are built within modules, so when you add a lesson, you should first make sure you select the correct module to add the lesson to.
  2. add lesson
  3. Enter a lesson name and click Create.
  4. lesson name
  5. To edit a lesson name, click Edit Lesson on the right side of the lesson. Then, enter the name you’d like to give the lesson and click Update.

How to add an activity to a lesson

  1. From the lesson dropdown, select the type of activity you want to create. Learn more about the different types of course activities.
  2. add activity
  3. Enter the activity content and details and click Create. Learn how to build a course activity.
  4. activity configuration page

After completing the steps above, you now have a course that contains a module, lesson, and activity. Repeat the steps to create additional modules, lessons, and activities as needed.

sample module lesson activity

How to move an activity, lesson, or module

All course objects can be moved as preferred using drag and drop functionality.

  1. Click and hold the object you’d like to move (i.e. the activity, lesson, or module).
  2. move object before
  3. While holding, drag the object to the location you’d like to make its new location. The object itself will move with your mouse. 
  4. Drop the object when it’s in the preferred position.
  5. move object after

There are a few items to note when moving course objects:

  • When you move a “parent” object, all “children” objects move as well. For example, if you move a lesson, all activities within that lesson move along with it. If you’d just like to move the parent object, first move the children objects out.
  • It’s important to check that your moved objects nest correctly. For example, if you move an activity to a new lesson, make sure it is indented further than the lesson. If objects are not nested properly, it can cause issues with the course pacing and/or visibility of some course activities. Tip: If you are building a course and see an activity or lesson that will not display in the course map the way you’d like, check to make sure it’s nested properly in the Build page.
  • nesting in course builder
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