Course Setup: Configure Page

Whether you create a new course or copy an existing course, you can configure your course several ways using the Configure page in the course version setup menu. This article outlines each of the configurations, including the course version name, prework module, cohort welcome message, and “where to start” text.

To begin, navigate to the course version setup menu.

course admin panel configure

Version Name

When creating a new course the version name is Original by default, but you can change the course version name at any time. Updating the course version names allows admins to easily distinguish between versions of a course as you iterate on the course.

Prework Module

Using the dropdown menu, indicate here whether any of the course modules are prework modules (also referred to as welcome modules). Learn more about prework modules.

Note: Only your first course module will be able to be labeled a prework module. If you want a different module labeled a prework module, move the module to the top of the course in the Build page. If you do not want a prework module, choose the “---------” option under Prework Module, which is the default setting.

Cohort Welcome Message and Welcome Video

In this section, you can create text that appears in the welcome modal that appears before learners begin a course. You can also add a video using the Delivery Type option. Learn how to upload a video to the platform.

The welcome text is typically a short 3-5 sentence paragraph that greets participants and lays the groundwork for what to expect in the course. It may give learners an idea of how long the course will be and what they will learn. The welcome text will pop up in a modal, along with the welcome video, the first time someone opens the course page. 


cohort welcome message configuration

Next, you may choose to upload a welcome video for your course, which is not required but which can be a good way to engage learners. Tip: Upload a great thumbnail for optimal user experience. The thumbnail and video will accompany the welcome text in the modal on the course landing page. Learn more about uploading videos to the platform.

Where to Start Text 

While the cohort welcome message is located in the welcome modal, the “where to start” text is located near the top of the course page so it is one of the first things learners notice. This text often provides more detailed insight about what learners can expect to learn in the course compared to the welcome text. It may also instruct learners to complete the prework module or direct them to where the course begins. 


where to start text

Note: When the Course Introduction button is clicked, the modal containing the cohort message is displayed, along with an option to Take the Tour of the platform.


course introduction

Note: Once a learner marks their first course activity complete, the “where to start” text and the cohort welcome message are no longer available from their view of the course page.

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