Building Courses in Multiple Languages

This article discusses the platform’s capability to build courses in multiple languages.

Can you build courses in any language?

Courses can be built in languages other than the platform’s supported languages. However, while courses can be built in many languages outside of the platform’s supported languages, the features and functionality in the platform are only available in the supported languages. In other words, if you build a course in a language other than the supported languages, the course content (including attachments, videos, and any other assets you include) will be in that language. The buttons and features in the platform, however, will be in each user’s selected language.

What languages are signature courses built in?

Currently, signature courses are built in English.

What are the platform’s supported languages?

You can view the platform’s supported languages here.

Can existing custom courses be translated into other languages?

If you would like your custom course translated into another language in our platform, please contact your Customer Success representative for more information.

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