The Difference Between Course and Course Version

The terms “course” and “course version” can easily cause confusion for admins. This article aims to eliminate this confusion by providing a description of how the two pieces work together to create a seamless course experience for learners.


In the platform, “course” refers to a set of learning content built to teach learners about one or more topics. A course can contain one or more “course versions”, making course versions subordinate to courses.

Course versions

Course versions are variations of a single course. One course may be configured differently for different audiences and/or may be updated periodically with updated content. To account for this variation within a course without affecting learners, the platform utilizes course versions. 

Course versions allow different audiences to see variations of the same course. For example, if a course is configured for a marketing team and then a supply chain team wants to take the course, you may wish to reconfigure a few aspects of the course for the new audience. Rather than rebuilding a completely new course, you can create a new course version within the same course without changing the content for the cohort that already took the course.

Functionality for courses vs. course versions

As a result of the hierarchy between courses and course versions, certain functionality is only available to courses. The table below outlines the major differences between course and course versions.

Functionality Available
Course Course Version
Access course settings
Create a self enrollment splash page x
Add splash page to catalog x
Contain multiple course versions x
View all course versions and all cohorts at once x
View analytics in HILD, Completed Courses, and Current Courses dashboards x x (would need to select cohorts that viewed specific course version)
Update course content without affecting other course versions x
Set unique pacing without affecting other course versions x
Publish without affecting other course versions x
Enable learning measurements without affecting other course versions x
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